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Dear Friends,

some could say we are very lame in posting any engl. news. And yes: we are, but we have to face the fact that most of the releases we have the honor to work with are limited to GSA ( Germany - Austra -.Switzerland ) and this means it might be enough to post german news.

Might be...doesn't mean it is. But nothing is less interesting than yesterdays we decided not to post any engl. news so far.

We have signed some fantastic acts for GSA - CHLOE CHARLES; MONKEY CUP DRESS; ELENI MANDELL, CASPIAN, ROB MOIR, BRETT NEWSKI  ...i would really want the whole world to find out more about them, but we are a small indie label and rather stick to what we can do very good ...(GSA)... than expanding into the unknown. But well, you never know if that couldn't be changed one day.

Most of the artist pages / infos are written in engl too and if not... we know you are well trained in searching the web to find infos. And in case you like to order a CD because you can't find it somewhere else we assume you all know how to do that... and if not... write a mail and we'll try to answer fast.


have a nice day,


the mmd crew